Science Programming

It just gets better and better. For the first time, the American Astronomical Society will have a presence at Shore Leave. This is not only the US professional astronomy society, but the largest professional astronomy society in the world. Further we will welcome representatives from the Space Telescope Science Institute, Goddard Space Flight Center, Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers, the University of Wyoming, the Center for Astronomy and Physics Education Research, and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. They will show you astronomical discoveries, talk about ongoing cutting-edge space science activities, and discuss issues about science education. Please join us for news from the final frontier.

Our science guests this year are: Paul Abell, Wayne Bird, Charles Blue, Kirk Borne, Kelly Fast, Jerry Feldman, Lindley Johnson, Yoji Kondo, Rob Landis, Amy Mainzer, Andrew McDonald, Emmett Plant, Stephanie J. Slater, Timothy F. Slater, and Margaret A. Weitekamp.

Details on our science guests’ presentation and workshops will be revealed right here very soon.

Science Authors

Five of our science guests will be signing books at the Meet the Pros party on Friday night (10pm – midnight). The science authors are Yoji Kondo, Emmett Plant, Tim and Stephanie Slater, and Margaret A. Weitekamp. They will give talks during Friday evening’s science programming.

Astronomy Organizations

Two of our astronomy organizations, STScI (Space Telescope) and AAS (American Astronomical Society) will have tables in the hallway. Rumor has it that in addition to giveaways of gorgeous Hubble pictures, there might be a raffle for Galileoscopes. You don’t know what that is? Then you definitely must visit their tables.


As always, weather permitting, Stargazing will take place on Friday and Saturday evenings on the tennis courts.

Shore Leave stargazing is brought to you by the Westminster Astronomical Society, the Harford County Astronomical Society, and the Howard County Astronomical League. These are local amateur astronomy groups promoting astronomy education and outreach in the community.

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