Shore Leave 36 Guest: Greg Cox

Greg  Cox

Greg Cox is the New York Times bestselling author of numerous Star Trek books and short stories, including No Time Like the Past, The Weight of Worlds, The Rings of Time, The Q Continuum, The Eugenics Wars, To Reign in Hell, The Black Shore, and Assignment: Eternity. He has also written the official movie novelizations of such films as Godzilla, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, and the first three Underworld movies, as well as various DC Comics miniseries. In addition, he has written novels and stories based on such popular series as Alias, Batman, Buffy, CSI, The Green Hornet, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Farscape, The 4400, Leverage, The Phantom, Riese: Kingdom Falling, Roswell, Terminator, Warehouse 13, Xena, X-Men and Zorro. He has received two Scribe Awards from the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers.

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Title ISBN Date Publisher
Godzilla - The Official Novelization Titan Books
978-1-47674-949-5 Pocket
978-1-78116-599-7 Titan Books
978-1-93681-441-1 Moonstone Books
978-0-42525-385-4 Berkley Books
978-1-47670-283-4 Pocket
1-78116-106-2 Titan
1-44242-969-0 Simon & Schuster
1-45165-547-9 Pocket
0-74349-173-4 Pocket
1-93307-673-9 Moonstone
1-45371-610-6 Int. Assoc. Media Tie-In Writers
0-44101-857-2 Ace
1-43910-944-3 Pocket
0-75640-615-3 DAW
0-75640-615-3 DAW
Seven Deadly Sins (hc) 1-43958-112-6 Gallery Books
0-44101-895-5 Ace
1-84856-087-7 Titan
1-41654-322-8 Pocket
0-44101-718-5 Ace
1-43911-284-3 Pocket
1-93307-631-3 Moonstone
1-93307-631-3 Moonstone
1-41656-079-3 Pocket
1-41654-317-1 Pocket
0-74349-255-2 Pocket
0-44101-507-7 Pocket
1-41652-459-2 Pocket
0-44101-444-5 Ace
1-41692-442-6 Pocket
The Eugenics Wars: To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh (pbk) Pocket
0-74348-073-2 Pocket
1-41650-965-8 Pocket
0-74345-711-0 Pocket
The Eugenics Wars: To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh (e-book) 0-74345-713-7 Pocket
0-74348-072-4 Pocket
0-74349-171-8 Pocket
0-74348-508-4 Pocket
0-74340-644-3 Pocket
0-74348-071-6 Pocket
0-74342-744-0 Pocket
0-74344-915-0 Pocket
0-74340-643-5 Pocket
0-74340-642-7 Pocket
0-44100-852-6 Ace
0-74350-758-4 Pocket
0-67102-127-3 Pocket
0-74341-834-4 Pocket
0-67103-579-7 Pocket
Q-Strike [Q-Continuum #3] (eBook) 0-67104-103-7 Pocket
0-67101-922-8 Pocket
0-67101-915-5 Pocket
0-67104-102-9 Pocket
0-67100-117-5 Pocket
0-67104-101-0 Pocket
1-56865-954-7 SF Book Club
0-67156-061-1 Pocket
0-67150-107-0 Pocket
0-67188-114-0 Pocket

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